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If you stay stay forever

"If you stay, stay forever.
If you go, do it today.
If you change, change for the better.
if you talk, make sure you mean what u say"

Human And Chemical

"You are a human, 
not a chemical. 
think before you react. "

Kisi Ka Hamdard Hona

"Jab Tak Hum
Kisi K Humdard Nahi Hotay..
Tab Tak
Hum Dard Se Aur Dard Hum Se
Juda Nahi Hota.."

A Person's True Color

"Y0u see a pers0n,s true colors
y0u are n0 l0nger beneficial t0 their life."

Find time for the special ones

"Find Time
4 the Special Ones in ur Life.
Otherwise 1 Day u will Find Time
there will not be
any Special One 2 Share It..."

Forgiveness is the trait that is

"Forgiveness is the trait that is
linked to

Mistates are painful

Mistakes are painful
when they happen.
years later a collection of
mistakes is called "Experience"
which leads us to success..

If exposure of a body is modernization

"If exposure of a body is
animals are more modern
than humans".

Waqt Aur Smajh

"Waqt aur smajh ek sath khush
qismat logon ko miltey hein..
kyun k
aksar waqt par smajh nahi hoti
smajh annay tak waqt nahi milta."

Fitrat aur haalaat mein tasadum hai warna

~Fitrat aur Halaat mein
Tasadum hai warna...,
~Insan kabhi dil ka bura nahi h0ta...
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