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Sunday Is A Fun Day

One Day
Monday went to Tuesday
To See Wednesday
Ask Thursday whether Friday has
told Saturday that
Sunday Is A Fun Day.. :)

Hum pani mein kyun rehte hain

1 choti si fish ne apni maa se pucha:
Hum pani mein kyun rehte hain,
zameen pe kyun nahi..?

Maa ne kaha:
"Hum Fish hain is liye pani mein rehte hain,
zameen pe tou selfish rehte hain.." :/

I am sad, hurt, angry, mad

I am sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed
you know what..?
I'll put on a happy face and move on
it'll hurt,
I'll survive..!!

Cold water and hot iron remove wrinkles

Cold water and hot iron
remove wrinkles from clothes..
same way
the cool mind & warm heart
remove worries of life..!!

People laugh at me

"People laugh at me
Because I'm different
I laugh at them
Because they're all the same..."

How Long Will You Keep Entering

One Day Sea Asked River..

How Long will YOu Keep Entering Into
My Salty Heart..?

River Replied..
Until YOu Become Sweet.. :)

Kya talash kar rahy ho

'* H A P P Y * * *
kia talash kar rahy ho! 
happy ( khush )
raho :)' 

I want to go back to the time when happiness mean a candy

I want to go back to the time...
When Happiness mean a candy,
When Victory mean finishing your plate 1st,
When Safety mean being in your mother's arms,
When getting High mean on a swing,
When Drinking mean mango juice,
When Dad's shoulder were
the highest place on earth,
When the only drug you knew was cough syrup,
The only things broken were your toys,
When Goodbye's only mean till tomorrow,
When you loved everybody &
everyone loved you,
I Wish I Could Go Back.....!!!

PHool khushbo k liye

PHool khushbo k liye,
Piyar nibhane k liye,

Aankh dil churane k liye,
Ye sMs sirf aapko apni yaad dilane k liye.

Sometimes we forget to thank people

Sometimes we forget to thank people
who make our life happy in their own
simple ways,

Sometimes we fail to tell them how
much we appreciate them for bieng
a part of our life,

Today is just an ordinary day,
nothing is really special..
hey! thanks for bieng around. :)
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