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The day has come back again

The day has come back again like every year,
The day when your entity came into being,
Each year on this day we wish you
by rendering surprise my dear,

The whole family members make circle
around you and gladly sing,

Each one of them give you kiss on
your forehead and pray for your long life,

Their unconditional love and
affection seems on this day,

And they set light to candles on
cake to celebrate this day!

Happy Birthday To You!

1 day Sky was Crying

1 day Sky was Crying
I Ask him Why r u Crying 2day?
He told Me I hve Lost My Beautiful Star.
It was a Day when u were Born
*"*Happy Birthday*"*

Hamari tou dua hai

Hamari tou dua hai, koi gila nahi,
Wo gulab jo aaj tak khila nahi,

Aaj k din aap ko wo sub kuch mile
Jo aaj tak kisi ko kabhi mila nahi
''"" Happy Birth Day ""''

Lovely Msg 4 a Lovely Person

Lovely Msg 4 a Lovely Person
4rom Lovely Friend
4 a Lovely Reason
at a Lovely Time
from a Lovely Mind
in a Lovely Mood
in a Lovely Style
2 wish u
Have a Lovely “BirthDay”

Meri Taraf Say

Meri Taraf Say
Mere Clas Fellowz Ki Taraf Say
Mere Office Coleguez Ki Taraf Say
Aur Mere 16 Cror Pakistanion Ki Taraf Say
::: Tumhein Salgirah Mubarak :::

Apun wishing you a wonderful

Apun wishing you a wonderful,
super duper, zabardast, xtra bariya,
xtra special ekdum mast n dhinchak
bole to ekdum jhakaas,
Janam Din Mubbarak Ho:-

Aaj tumhari salgirah hai

Aaj tumhari salgirah hai,
Dekho ham ko yaad hay na,
or banafsha hr koi dekho shaad hai na,
Aaj tumhari salgirah hay,
Dekho ham ko yaad hay

Suraj roshni lay kr aya

Suraj roshni lay kr aya,
Or chidyon nay gana gaya,
Phoolon nay hans hans kr bola,
Mubarak ho tumhaara janam din aaya!

A Birthday Is

A birthday is....
just the first day
of another 365-day
journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip.

I really mean a lot

I really mean a lot 2 hve
a special Friend like u
who has enrich my life
in so many ways.
& sincerely hope on ur
birthday dat we always
remain as close,
because Friendz like u r
exceptional & rare.
hAppY bIRThDaY
Dear Friend
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