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Late Night Study

3 Students Raat ko Study Karty Huay..
un k pas watch ni thi,,,,,

Madical Student: Yaar Kitny Bajay Hain..?
Arts Student: Pata nai yar hamary pas ghari(Watch) nai ha....
Engineer's Student ne 1 Pathar Utha Kar 
Saamnay Girl's Hostel k darwazy pe de Maara
1 Larki NikLi Or BoLi..?
Kamino Raat K ponay 3 Bajay be chain nahi aya, 
Ab to so jao Beghairto..!
That's The Engineer's Logic..;-)

Student Tip

Student Tip:
Never stop asking:
Successful people are those
who are always willing to learn
and thus never stop asking questions.

Exam Sheet pe Susu

Nursery k Student ne
Exam Sheet pe Susu kar dya..
Badtameez ye kya kia?
Student: Mama ne kaha tha sab
se pehle jo aa raha ho wahi karna.. :P ;)

Agar inki dua qubool hoti

1 Admi school teacher se:
Zara in bachon se mere karobaar
k liye dua karwa den..

Agar inki dua qubool hoti tou
aj main kisi qabristan mein hoti.. :P :D

Love letter and Exam paper

What is the difference between
Love letter and Exam paper..?

Hazaron khayal, jinhe lafzon
mein nahi likh patay..

Hazaron lafz likhne parte hain,
jo khayalon mein bhih nahi aatay.. :P

Tension of Exam

"During Exam"

Girls tension:Question out of syllabus na
aa jaye..


Boys tension:
Saala Roll Number 1st chair pe
na aa jaye.. :P :D

Class rooms are like Trains

Class rooms are like Trains..
The first two benches are
executive choaches reserved for
the middle are general compartments
the last 2 are sleeper classes.. :P ;)

School K Samne Bomb

Teacher: Agar Koi School K Samne
Bomb Rakh De Tou Tum Kya Karoge?

1-2 Mint Dekhengy,
Agar Koi Le Jata Hai Tou Theek,
Warna Staff Room Mein Rakh Denge.. ;) :P

Tired of Exams Studies

Dad entered son's room and found
him asleep on his books, tired
of exams studies..

walked closer to him, played with
his hair softly, sweetly
slapped his face
"last comment on FB 1 minute ago.." :P :D

Paas kar deta tou kya baat thi

Hazaron ki qismat tere hath thi,
Paas kar deta tou kya baat thi

Ishq thora kam karta tou kya baat thi,
Books tou baita sari tere pas thi.. :P :D

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