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You can replace me

"You can replace me,
you can't replace
the memories you had with me."

2 eyes and 1 tongue

2 eyes and 1 tongue:
which means we need to look twice
& talk once.

2 ears & 1 mouth:
so we need to listen more
than we talk.

2 hands & 1 stomach:
so we need to work twice as
much as we eat.

2 major brain parts(left & right) & 1 heart:
so we can think twice
but love only once.

Amazing how nature through our
body parts reminds us how to live.

How do I react

How do I react when I see
someone extreeeemly smart?

I stare and stare and stare &
I smile & smile & when I get tired,
then I put the mirror down.

Dear Mother-in-Law

Dear Mother-in-Law:
Don't teach me how to handle
my children,
I'm living with one of your's
and she needs alot of improvement.

Time decides whom you meet in life

Time decides whom you meet in life,
Your heart decides whom you want
in life,
Your behaviour decides who will
stay in your life.

I am proud of my heart

Awesome lines ever...

I am proud of my heart
you know why?

Everyone played with it,
loved it, broke it
but somehow it still works.

I don't have time to hate people

I don't have time to hate
people who hate me...

Because I'm too busy in loving
people who love me.

Every moment of your life

Every moment of your life is
a picture, which you had never
seen before and which you will
never see again so enjoy life
and make each moment beautiful
and happy.

Don't search any good

Don't search any good or
particular message to send
I'll be satisfied with an
empty message,
because I'll just be happy to know
that you still remember me.

I am not 60

It was written on an old man's T-shirt:
"I am not 60"
"I am 16 with 44 years of experience"
Think Differently.
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