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Feel the pleasure of life

Feel the pleasure of life
in every second.
Never be angry or sad
Because every 1 minut
of Your sadness You loss 60 seconds
of HaPpiness so keep smiling.. :-)

Boost the immune system

Did you know?

Smile helps
Boost the immune system,
the body relaxes and is
better able to fight off the flu
and colds.

Dont you get hurt

A cute boy asked a fallen rose:
Don't you get hurt when you
are plucked?

Rose replied:
I forget my pain thinking that
I'm the reason for someone's smile.. :)

Smile is the electricity

Smile is the electricity
life is a battery
whenever you smile
the battery gets charged
a beautiful day is activated
KeeP SmilinG :-)

Smile gives dimple on face

Worry gives wrinkle on face,
Smile gives dimple on face
Wish U alot of Dimplez.. :-)

Smiling in all situations

Living in unfavorable situation
is called
'Part of Life'
Smiling in all situations
is called
'Art of Life'

Every Heart Has A Pain

Every Heart Has A Pain,
only the way of expression
is different..
Ordinary people hide it in Eyes,
Extraordinary people hide it
in 'SMILE'.. :)

Aap Ka Khush Rehna

Aap Ka Khush Rehna Hi Aap Ka
Bura Chahnay Walon K Liye
Sab Se Bari Saza Hai...
"So Keep Smiling Always"

Having a Smile on your Face

"Having a Smile on your Face
is a Good Compliment to Life,
putting a Smile on other's Face
by ur Efforts is the Best Compliment to Life"...

Smiling persons are not the happiest

-- All Smiling persons are 
not the happiest Persons,
They are the best actors of 
life Hiding all pains in their smile....!!

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