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Invest in the Human Soul

Invest in the human soul.
Who knows, it might be
a diamond in the rough.

It Takes Nothing To Join The Crowd

It Takes Nothing To Join
The Crowd..
It Takes
Everything To Stand Alone..!!

I Need Glasses

I Think
I Need Glasses
I Keep Seeing
A Lot Of People With
Two Faces..!!

Magar Us Se Nahi Jeet Saktay

"Tum Dunya mein Har Kisi Se
Jeet Saktay Ho..
Us Se Nahi Jeet Saktay
Jo Tumhare Liye
Jaan Boojh K Haar Jaye.."

Fake Society

Has Become So Fake
That The Truth
Actually Bothers People.."

You do not really know

Don't Really Know Someone
You Say No To Them.."

Never Be A Person

"Never be a PERSON..
ALways be a Personality..
PERSON dies but personality never dies."

Izzat Aur Piyar

"Jo Izzat Aur Piyar Tumhein
Doosroon Se MiLta Hai"
"Wo Dar'Haqeeqat
Tumhare He Ikhlaq Ka Jawabi Tohfa Hai..!!

Confidence comes from

Confidence Comes Not From
Always Being Right
From Not Fearing To Be Wrong.

What other people think

"Not caring
What other people think
is the best choice
you will ever make."

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