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Boy on a date in BMW car

Boy on a date in BMW car:
Maine tumse ek baat chupayi hai
Girl: Kya?

Boy: I am already married
Girl: Tumne to mujhe dara diya tha,
main samjhi BMW car tumhari nahi hai.

Main kal tum se milne nahi aa sakti

Main kal tum se milne nahi aa sakti.

Chalo main tumhara gift kisi or
ko de deta hun.
Mera matlab tha kal nahi aa sakti,
abhi kahan ho tum?

Many crushes and flirts

Many crushes and flirts
are better than
one true love
monopoly is always damaging,
and competition improves
Pure economic theory of Love;-):-P

Tum dimagh kharab mat karo

Husband & wife dono dinner k liye gae
to 1 larki ne hello kaha..

Wife: Kon thi ye?
Husband: Tum dimagh kharab mat karo!
Abhi usko bhi batana hai k tum kon ho?

If u ever broke up

If u ever broke up wid ur lover,
Dn't b upset...
Light aur Lover aani jaani cheezain hai.......!!

How to identify who's flirting

*How to identify who's flirting you
& who loves U?

The 1 who is flirting talks only about love,
The 1 who really loves U talks
abt everything except love.

I Love Someone

I Loved Sum1,
Sum1 Broke My Heart Into Pieces,
Now Every Piece Of My Heart Loves Sum1,
And People Call Me A Flirt:-

Height Of Badluck

"Height Of Badluck"
A person who dials a
number (written with lipstick on a phone booth)
His wife receives the phone......!!

No matter how bad you are

No matter how bad you are,
You are not totally useless
You can still be used...
as a...

Girl is like Computer virus

Girl is like Computer virus
She enter's in our Life
Scan our pockets
Transfer our memory
Edit our Mind
Download her Problems
Delete our smile
Hang us forever
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